Friday , November 27 2020

Initial Data launches services in Argentina to change the way you pay in stores

New phase in the market

Clover will be at the beginning of 2019, where credit cards will be open to all players.

The operation of the payment media technologies in Argentina will begin to change for the first time in January, when it was first introduced in Latin America, the trading platform launched by First Data on Tuesday.

The company's president and global CEO Frank Bisignano for the promotion of new equipment and systems included in the Clover brand, including İProUP, came to Buenos Aires, where it announced that it would invest in millionaires.

Bisignano was bought by Mayor Mauricio Macri at Casa Rosada, and after Clover's presentation, when he first visited the country a year ago, went with him to the Faena Center for the Arts.

"We believe Clover is the best platform in the industry for the Argentine industry, we have a strong expectation in Argentina, so we will continue to bet on the country regardless of what happens with the economy," said the businessman. the amount of.

The product will reach the stores at the beginning of 2019, with the purchase of credit cards open to all players. The obligation to accept all cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) will then apply.

According to Bisignano, Argentina is the first country in Latin America, where First Data released this new product and the fifth world after the United States, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Patricia Guarnes, the general manager of First Data in Argentina, announced in the presentation that the new business unit of the local subsidiary Clover will be available in January.

The Executive Board said the company would target the segment it had estimated at some 200,000 stores, which were not its own system. The goal is to reach 50 thousand organizations in the first year.

The system will be very similar to the current price of Postnet, 200 to 400 pesos plus VAT, but with greater functions and advanced technology for all types of merchants.

The new equipment will enable business owners to maximize operational efficiency, benefit from data analysis in real time, and better deal with customers; With the security and fraud control of the First Data, it was highlighted in the presentation of John Beatty, the founder of Clover.

The system is currently published in a Postnet, including 200 to 400 pesos plus VAT, but with much more functionality and advanced technology for all types of traders.

With the support of this platform, the product is a merchant web panel, which can be accessed at any time, with real-time control of operations through an online "back-end" portal. A smartphone, tablet or computer.

From this panel, the administrator can monitor the status of the operation, view the receipts in an online file, and make configuration changes remotely.

The first two Clover First Data devices in Argentina are Clover Mini and Clover Flex.

Clover Mini features

* Front camera that allows bar code and QR codes to be read.

* Wi-Fi, 3G or Ethernet connection.

* 7 "color screen and code reader

* Touch the screen PIN entry for card payment transactions.

* Compatibility for contactless or floating chip cards (EMV / Chip).

Yonca Flex

The design makes it ideal for restaurants, retail sales and services that want to bring in the customer payment experience. It is compact as a handheld device and makes it easier to accept online operations at the table, at the workshop or at the consumer's home.

Features include:

* Scan Reader: barcode and camera scanner.

* Long lasting lithium-ion battery that can support up to eight hours of operation on a single charge.

* Capture an electronic signature that you can send on the screen with electronic signature, e-mail, text and digital receipts.

* 5 inch touch screen for bright and clear images.

Both add two programs: payment system (which includes management of employees, customers and reports) and point of sale (printer orders, inventory and financial printers). In addition, they are already integrated with the company's tax printer.

Clover & apos; s business management function also helps in order building, inventory tracking, staff management, customer engagement enhancement and management.

In addition, the platform provides access to the market of third-party applications to connect with solutions designed to simplify everyday tasks and to support functions that are critical to the owners' owners.

The company noted that these applications could be synchronized with other programs as well as accounting programs, optimizing employee management and improving customer loyalty.

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