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Incredible: Cinthia Fernandez, & # 39; Dancing & # 39; on the lowest score! – 11/10/2018


"InDancing 2018"Of course"showmatch"(El Trece) Followed the Tour of Gentle Rhythm, the first participants on the track Lourdes Sánchez, María Del Cerro and Mica Viciconte.

Later, Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber performed a textbook based on Jason Derulo's theme "Swalla".

The previous Marcelo Tinelli he pointed Cinthia Because of the issue of the food quota, it looked good, despite the difficult personal moments that their daughter had with her father. She replied: "I'm going to sleep because I have to put a paw and I'm not up. It's a drama made to many women and you must be strong.

Cinthia's daughters were in the studio and played football with Marcelo.

Marcelo Tinelli played with the daughters of Cinthia Fernández.

Marcelo Tinelli played with Cinthia Fernández's daughters in ShowMatch (Photo: Jorge Luengo).

Then came the choreography, and for Cinthia Fernández and Gonzalo Gerber, things got complicated. The dancers of excellence beat the record at least this time: no one in the history of: dancing ıları had achieved such a low score.

During the return, the jury was given a response to the fiasco. Cinthia and partner. "I love this group, but today was a disaster. I saw them very unequal," said Lapidary, Ángel De Brito, and threw them down to zero! I never thought of putting this note, and it gave you a lot less, Bu he said.

. This trio always does something very creative, but I'm disappointed today. They have failed certainty. They deserve to do it well again, çok said Florencia Peña, who had been voted. "I'm sharing what my colleagues say. I'm sad, I thought you were upset," Marcelo Polino, who closed the -1 year olds, and accused them of plagiarism. Incredible but true: the couple received 0 points.

"In history"Bailando& # 39;: Zero! & # 39; yell Marcelo Tinelliand he remembered that his cousin's El Tirri had not scored so low in the race.

after, Soledad Fandiño and Nicolás Villalba ended the night with the rhythm of Taylor Swift's # Look at what she did for me ve.

Upon request Marcelo TinelliThe actress thought about the photos she published Vigna flower Nicolás Cabré with a warm scene "Brother of a clone"(El Trece)" I've done the same thing with Flor Vigna thousands of times and I'll do it again to introduce a series, there's nothing wrong in the world, the photos are spreading, so people will be connected to the array ".

Soledad Fandiño danced the Rhythm of Sensitivity.

Soledad Fandiño danced the Precision Rhythm at "ShowMatch" (Photo: Jorge Luengo).

In the choreography, they collected 14 points from the jury, but the BAR intervened and stayed at 13.

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