Friday , August 12 2022

In Independiente-San Martín de Tucuman they stopped the previous pair of Bebote Álvarez.


A couple of Barrabrava Bebote Álvarez were arrested by Fabiana Marchetti, this Tuesday night. sell alcohol during game preview Independent against San Martín de Tucuman.

The incident began with the staff of the Sports Security Directorate approaching the foodstuffs selling food. One of the executives showed the troops. there was no refrigerators And these are gone.

But a few minutes later, Marchetti approached the site near the turnstile of the field and stunned the cops. "without an order" was presented.

Later, the Bebote Álvarez couple approached the police officers – one side of the club's ransom checks – to check the reasons for their inspection.

In this last example, the police detained in violation of Law No. 11929. Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold in a radius of 200 meters around a stadium Sports ends four hours before an event, same and two hours later.

The case against Bebote Álvarez

Bebote Álvarez delivered himself on November 27, 2017. Threats against independent Director-GeneralAriel Holan, to ask the fans $ 50,000.

At the end of October this year, Judge Luis Carzoglio charged him with turning the deputy chairman of the club into "making him a bed."

Bebote Álvarez is sure that Moyano created it.
Bebote Álvarez said Moyano made him a bed.

"I never grabbed Ariel Holan.she never rejected me, but I was imprisoned for the bed Moyano made me"He assured America 24.

"I still support everything I say in court, I have provided evidence, it's funny that Moyano says I'm a criminal because they took money from the club, set up a trust and invested $ 30 million abroad"He started it.

The leader of the Independiente bar has admitted to making "mistakes" in his life that are worse than what he has paid so far. And he said, "Club people who don't have the courage to face these people, They did the tests and took me to Justice.".

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