Friday , December 3 2021

In Argentina every 5 hours a person died in HIV-Aire de Santa Fe


In Earth Day Against AIDS The statistics are alarming. In world figures, it dies to one million people a year HIV.

Miguel Pedrola, Director of Latin American and Caribbean Science in the AIDS Health Foundation, said that Aire de Santa Fe had a person every five hours a person died from HIV in Argentina.

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"We see the theme as an old movie. Unfortunately, the film isn't over yet, if it's invested in HIV, it could end up. But it's not among the main targets.

In the country, the budget for next year will be reduced by 20%. Just save the same budget for pesos.

Drug prices are denominated in dollars. There are even more possibilities with problems and even prevention next year.

"The problem is always controversial. Condom intake is reduced, there are no major prevention campaigns. Dissemination and keeping the issue on the agenda is essential," Pedrola warned.

Comprehensive sexual education law

Pedrola is the right of all people to be educated.

He pointed out that the paternalist state should be pulled aside. To understand that people have the ability to define themselves.

"When supported by this religion, this becomes difficult, because the debates between state and religious beliefs are mixed, and ultimately we do not enforce a law that must be in effect."

If we reach 90% of those who know and treat it, and if the treatment works, we will end the AIDS epidemic, not HIV, until 2030.

. Maintaining your promise is our motto, the world is doing political leaders, but they are not doing it, sürdürmek he concluded.

The G20 is the main international forum for economic, financial and political cooperation: it aims to address major global challenges and formulate public policies that resolve them.

Member countries represent 85% of the global gross product, two-thirds of the world's population and 80% of international trade.

At this meeting, the world's leading leaders will agree on a document emphasizing fair and sustainable development.

Although the decision to control the HIV epidemic is in its decisions, the final document's priorities are not HIV.

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