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In a given move, River fans refused to bar – 12/02/2018


While returning to the monumental stadium, to get Gymnastics and Fencing for Superliga, most fans remembered the disappointing final match of Copa Libertadores and expressed their grieving sidekick and their displeasure with Conmebol.

This encounter with Boca was suspended because the river rods threw their crews in the visiting team and injured some of the players. After a few games and events the game was postponed for the next day. And then postponed again.

So before the game started with Gymnastics and Fencing, real fans whistled and insulted Management Drunks. And with a song they want: "Leave it all, don't leave one.". The bars were insulted.

In addition, in another protest, they hung their flags upside down. On the other hand, rags in the sector occupied by barra brava seemed to be needed.

There were some flags against Conmebol and Boca. When they were taken into custody, the referee Silvio Trucco demanded the start of the match and delay.

However, some were not seen and continued to be exhibited. Up to 25 minutes, the stadium will be suspended if the game had not been removed.

He also insulted the fans, with the presidents Mauricio Macri and Conmebol, who showed many openings in a stadium. What happened in the shameful final of Copa Libertadores saved a lot of anger.

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