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"I'm taking the drops of cannabis, they make me so good."


Sunday, December 28, 2017 | The actress María Valenzuela, who was invited to Mirtha Legrand's table, talked about her struggles with health problems: & I am a little out of therapy Mir.

For a long time, he plunged into a deep depression that cost him. However, the current time María Valenzuela Today is much more than this dark period. Of course, you still have some questions to solve.

This was announced by the actress during her visit Mirtha Legrand, He was happy to see her and brought her back to her guests. "Nice to see how beautiful you are, Maria, so renovated, how much weighed do you come to?" Diva consulted him.

She explained that she weighs about 10 pounds, weighing the product of a depression. Bir He came from a line, and the death of a friend was like a brother. Yap He was dealing with a business in a hotel near Villa Ruíz, and there came a time when he wasn't there. I was able to continue Gaspar & # 39; s death and I lay in bed myself, a sincere friend my kids were looking for, they came out and went to see a psychiatrist, then I got caught with a panic attack when I had to see him again. I can leave "

"I'm having a single drug and cannabis drop", When he said he continued the panic attack, he laid out.

On medical cannabis, he explained: "They are very good for depression and for food problem, they are three drops in the morning and three drops in the night. If you are 60, 70 years old people, the bones drop due to cannabis and the muscles have proven to be very good."

"Easily accomplished? I think it's quite expensive", He wanted to know Diva. Player replied: "Yes, I think it comes from Chile, I come from Chile."

"Panic attacks just let me into my house, this is my shelter, and I know that I know I'm safe there, there's nothing in me, and I know I'm insecure on the street, so the first thing to do is go home." He found out. She also admitted that she usually cried in those times: "An agony of panic attack."

"How do you solve?" asked him Chiqui. "And wait for it to happen", counted, resigned slightly. "I'm a little out of therapy" He finished.

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