Wednesday , October 20 2021

Illustration seal with spotted eel tucked in its nose


Toddlers may be prone to hanging in the nostrils of foreign objects, but young seals appear as they occur.

A Hawaiian monk seal was photographed with a spotted eel hanging out of his nose, and researchers say the phenomenon has been seen several times over the past few years.

The Hawaii Monk Seal Research Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shared its photo on its Facebook page on Tuesday.

The team, & # 39; We first notice a few years ago about this incident that attracts attention & # 39; he wrote.

& # 39; Now, snakes have found seals of puppies stuck in their noses more than once. & # 39;

With some "keeping the seal lightly and pulling slowly," the eel was successfully removed from the mouth of the hunter in about 30 seconds.

The seals had not been damaged in any case – the snakes had not done so.

The researchers say, "we may never know" how eels are trapped in the endangered mammals, but they have doubts.

A marine scientist, "The Hawaiian monk feeds his mouths and nose into the coral reefs of the coral reefs, under the rocks or in the sands." Said.

"They're looking for prey-like prey like snake. This could be an eel trying to defend itself or run away.

As an alternative, the seal swallowed the eel and the eel was misguided.

The image collected hundreds of reactions in social media, a series of commentators, shared frogs and humorous comments.

Una When an eel flows out and gets cuffed to your nose, it's a Moray, dışarı one joked.

Another wrote: "Spaghetti attracts your nose when you laugh too hard …"

A mother simply baffled: "A piece is easier to remove from Lego."


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