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If it is played in Madrid why can't it be Gallardo directly? | River Plate



Emmanuel Serruya


After the approval of Conmebol, who accepted Madrid as the host to the Copa Libertadores final between Madrid and Boca, many fans of the river wondered if Gallardo would be present at the reserve bank by not playing in the Hand. .

The penalty imposed on Dummy by Conmebol after the second leg match against Gremio, After the stage, the stadium in the match was banned from entering TD. That's why he didn't go to La Bombonera in the first leg of the Superfinal. and three games suspended According to Article 76.1 of the Conmebol Disciplinary Regulation.

This sanction applies to Conmebol tournament matches

What does this article say? De The sporting director / coach, any member of the coaching staff or other members punished by the suspension of the duties of the officers, may witness matches where the suspension is only from the stands, the locker room, the tunnel, the bank or the technical field before or during the game, nor in any way your team. "

Because of this reason Gallardo will not be on the reserve bench during the Superfinal regardless of the stadium in which the dispute is located..

+ Conmebol from Gallardo: Full approval:

– In accordance with Article 20 (1) of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Code, the next match of CONMEBOL Libertadores 2018 is MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO to enter the stadium. Prohibition of access to the stadium includes any prohibition of communication with the Technical Corps, Officers and Players.

– SÜSPEND Mr. MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO for 3 (three) matches. This sanction shall be valid after the sanction set out in Article 3 has been fulfilled and after it has been carried out in accordance with the provisions of Article 76.1 of the CONMEBOL Disciplinary Regulation.

– USD fined for Mr. MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO TO WATCH. According to Article 12.6 of the Disciplinary Regulation, 50.000 (UNION BUILDING DOLLARS OF UNITED STATES). The amount of this fine shall be automatically withdrawn from the amount to be received by the CLUB ATLÉTICO RIVER PLATE in the concept of television or sponsorship rights.

– MARCELO DANIEL GALLARDO, in the case of repetition of any case, shall be deemed disrespectful to civil servants or any other violation of the same or similar form of sports discipline caused by this procedure. aggravating.

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