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"I saw how a dead pig was thrown into the air and fences thrown out", the dramatic experience of Mina Bonino in the river


Journalist Mina Bonino told Copa Libertadores' unsuccessful finale about the drama he had witnessed while rioting at the court. ”There were thirty inadptados,“ he said.

Journalist Mina Bonino witnessed the events of the second leg of the final of Copa Libertadores, the River Plate court, where she did not quench her aggression against the Boca Juniors team. After witnessing the most embarrassing moment of football, the young woman wrote a dramatic story about her experience.

"I left the house yesterday at 11:30 pm. I took the half out of Quilmes and I went to Libertador and Oath 130. How did I do when I was a girl? I need to challenge Ivana to say hello, "Mine? What are you doing here alone? I told him he was all the time, always did. Although people amazed me in the vineyard, in court or among the fans, I never left the place where I was happy. There, with people, in the monumental. In the afternoon, I dropped my shirt at four and a half, "the journalist said.

"I had thirty misfits. I saw the monkeys began to escape in the middle, entered without a ticket (and I refused to call them). I saw a dead pig flying in the air, flying blood, body parts and liquid. I saw myself hundreds of men threw fences and after passing through the turnstile, no one Pablo Pérez said, k I was told there were several cagones. insanlar Pablo Pérez was overrated and encouraged Tevez to throw stones at people. Fortunately, I only heard a few people. ord He said he was angry at the incidents and continued.

"Outside, the photos started to be heard. We didn't have a signal and no one said anything to us. In the first example, after the endless hours of waiting for an answer from CONMEBOL, which should be suspended, they say it will be played tomorrow."

Giriş When we went, people started running. No one was waiting for us as bait to steal it. And I repeat, I saw. Nobody told me. It was decorated with tiles and about two hundred meters away, the hydrated car was throwing water, because two hundred more people kept stealing the entrance. My old friend, who came with my car later, had a car there before my friends, where the car was full, every step was uncertainty, Corridas made me remember that day, but by myself 17 years old I didn't know where to go. On horseback, all the cars broke down, stolen the meaningless ones, "Bonino concluded.

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