Saturday , July 2 2022

HTC launches Vive Pro McLaren Edition for Formula 1 fans


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Companies come together to deliver VR experiences based on the world's most popular automotive competition

When HTC and McLaren were announced by an association in May for several years, they were expected to launch a virtual reality device together.

Waiting ended this Friday at the end Both companies presented a Vive Pro virtual reality lens designed exclusively for Formula 1 fans.

The limited edition Vive Pro McLaren brings the colors of the British brand's racing team to the front lens rooms, the menu button and the belts of the controller. In addition, the kit contains its own packaging, which is ideal for the collection. The price is $ 1,549, which is slightly more than the standard value of US $ 1,199 for the total set.

Certainly, the extra value of $ 350 includes two McLaren VR experiences, which are normally limited to subscribers of the Viveport service. Racing Simulator rFactor 2 Studio 397 McLaren Edition Encourages an environment of "surround sound and impressive graphics" combined with dynamic climatic conditions. In addition, the "real road" technology is used on the simulator race tracks.

Other application McLaren Garage VR Experienceexplains himself. This game is a collaboration between McLaren and Vive Studios plus vDesign and places it in three roles to place the user in the McLaren workshop: tires, tire remover and tire editor "artillery". The application allows you to challenge other players to see who has saved the best record.

This limited edition release of Vive Pro McLaren enables HTC to participate in Shadow Project's eSports program. Players compete in virtual circuits and have the chance to become real-life F1 racers like Rudy van. The winner of the 2017 contest is Buren.

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