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How to rank brands


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A study by Carrier y Asociados shows how the order of smartphone brands will be based on the volume of units to send.

The year 2018 will be in history as an unforgettable year for mobile terminals. According to an analysis by the consulting company Carrier y Asociados, the "strong devaluation of the pesos" has become an "explosive combination" for this market, in addition to accelerating the inflation it has created for the market.

According to this research office, it is normal for a product that has a high cost in dollars, regardless of whether it is a direct product from abroad (iPhone case) or if it is produced. where local currency costs are added to foreign currency components.

For Carrier, it started with trends similar to the year 2017, although the unit is a bit higher, the process of accelerating the devaluation process until May.

Thus, at the end of this month, the volume of deliveries is declining, while the dollar value is noticeable compared to August when it hits another jump.

"Towards the end of the year, this decline, which includes traditionally higher sales and" strong "dates that direct demand, such as Mother's Day and year-end holidays, expects for the whole year, this figure exceeds 8.5 million units in the report. Compared to 10.8 million in 39, it predicts a 21% decline over the previous year. "

Regarding brands, according to this analysis, "It is seen that this year's effect is not similar for everyone, and that each one has adopted strategies that are adopted by each":

* Samsung continues its leadership in shipments with a share of 54% in total, but continues with a 16% decline in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period of the year.

* Motorola rose to second place with a growth rate of 102% (23%).

* LG (8%) rose to 3rd place in the 2nd rank and the volume dropped 54%.

* Huawei remains 4th, but the volume dropped 52%.

Color data by Carrier Although it has a "cost-affected" price in Argentina, Apple is increasing its sales volume by 284% and is in a 6% market share, although it is very close to Sony. 5 & ​​# 39; s in.

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