Thursday , September 29 2022

Host: Adrián Suar takes Marcelo Tinelli's hostile visit


The driver went to the hotel to settle with the landlord Credit: FOX Press

After the years
Prepare the first programs of ShowMatch

Marcelo Tinelli
court order. So, after receiving
Susana Giménez,
Mirtha Legrand,
Natalia Oreiro, Ricardo Darín and a few stars from the world of entertainment,

Adrián Suar
show as a guest

Eltrece's star conductor.

Although the encounter, in this case, was part of the fiction,
They always sparked business and personal matters, as they always share a camera.

In this case, the conversation was not entirely friendly, because Tinelli approached to announce his feeling of betrayal of the hotel. Thus, the fact that the driver has already deceived the program has become part of the fiction of FOX: the claim of "theft" of dancers' bodies.

According to Tinelli, the actor and programming manager of Eltrece historically called on some of the girls who were part of the list Bailando Tin team to accompany him on the music charts and perform at the hotel's cabaret hall.

The conversation between them was, as most of the time, the relationship between Chicanas and jokes – for a moment, fluent and other tensions – representing them as heroes.

The dancers were the axis of the clash between the ShowMatch driver and the host of Hotel A.
The dancers were the axis of the clash between the ShowMatch driver and the host of Hotel A. Credit: FOX Press

Just a few hours before the meeting, the person who gave the landlord the solution to the problem was none other than David Bisbal, another guest artist of the subject: Tinelli finally left the place with a group of dancers.

But the outline of the program, which went beyond special circumstances, continued to return to the emotional state of Fetan, who now has to make a decision: the woman who decided to leave Milagros (Natalie Pérez) to return or not to return to the honeymoon.

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