Tuesday , October 19 2021

His partner in Tinder saved his life by donating a kidney to his life: "Literally …"


A young woman saved her life after deciding to donate her a kidney to her husband, Tinci, whom she met in Tinder.

Many may think it is a social network tinder It is only for the passage of relationships and can hardly find love in someone's life there. But no, sometimes there are great stories. Like this, for example.

It's called Cheyenne HanLee and met his boyfriend, Gavin Geragawathrough tinder. She suffered from kidney failure and after I forgive her, she saved her life. kidney.

They came together, formed a relationship and everything was fine until a few months had passed. fainted In the middle of dinner at one of the appointments. I didn't know what happened to him.

Was diagnosed there kidney failureand began dialysis. However, her case was so bad that she urgently needed a transplant: her kidneys worked at 2 percent.

He did not hesitate: donated your kidneyeven if it doesn't want: "I can't express how Gavin's kidney feels. Life really saved my life"She said the young woman.

"Not having a relationship. It's about giving you. good lifeIt's healthy and happy"He said on his side.

Source: RT.

She pretended to be a comedian, a woman in Tinder, and had the most daring chats.

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