Wednesday , December 1 2021

His mind stood against the river in the Superfinal and visited Boca: the clock, the television, and the formations.


mouthOn Sunday, December 9, he will now face River in the Copa Libertadores final in Madrid, Spain. Playing with Independiente will be a risk visit in a valid match for the fourth date Superliga This is unreliable to the existence of the visiting people.

The meeting will be held. 19:20 in Libertadores Stadium in AmericaThe referee will be controlled by Darío Herrera and will be broadcast live with a cable sports signal. TNT Sports.

The match will be played without visiting the public Aprevide, with the Buenos Aires Province Security Ministry, confirmed that Boca & # 39; s 4000 locations would be available, but the Independiente leadership rejected the possibility and announced that it would only support "red". .

Independiente Meza returns.

The Avellaneda team 1 out of 1 in the visit to Lanús and coach Ariel Holan Martín Benítez and Maximiliano Meza to be sold againwill return to property. All lines will be changed.

After the suspension date Meza will replace Silvio Romero while BenitezEliminated overload on the left adductor (30 minutes input in front of Lanús) take part in the bank substitutes

In addition, Francisco Silva will replace Juan Sánchez Miño, and Emanuel Brítez will be the first to replace Pablo Hernández.

Boca between Madrid and Avellaneda.

Guillermo Barros Schelotto directed the group, coming from weeks affected by everything around Copa Libertadores River versus the final she is for now will be played Real Madrid stadium.

Regarding Superliga, Boca wins two consecutive winsThe last one is Paraná's Patronato as '0' up to 0 and the technician to visit Independiente. Ramón Ábila will not be from the game He's having muscle disorders in twins.

Although the medical body thinks it is a tear, Barros Schelotto prefers to protect him against the River. they will not be Augustine Rossi, Leonardo Jara, Carlos IzquierdozPaul Pérez, Wilmar Barrios, Nahitan Nandez and Cristian bronzing, all beginnings against the river in the first attack match.

independent: Martin Campaign; Fabricio Bustos, Nicolás Figal, Emanuel Brítez, Gastón Silva; Francisco Silva, Nicolás Domingo, Fernando Gaibor; Braian Romero, Emmanuel Gigliotti and Maximiliano Meza. DT: Ariel Holan.

Boca: Esteban Andrada; Julio Buffarini, Paolo Goltz, Lisandro Magallán, Lucas Olaza; Fernando Gago, Julián Chicco, Agustín Almendra; Mauro Zárate, Darío Benedetto and Sebastián Villa. DT: Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

stadium: Libertadores de América (Independent).
Referee: Darío Herrera
time: 19:20
broadcasting: TNT Sports.

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