Sunday , April 11 2021

Have you found Atlantis? To break down Spain, you may have lost city ruins,

First BC. It was described by Plato in 330 and now Atlantis may have finally been found.

In a new documentary, Merlin Burrows' experts from Harrogate, a land and sea search team based in Harrogate, claim to have discovered the remains of Atlantis from the Spanish coast.

Using data from commercial satellites, researchers believe that the city they lost might be in Doñana National Park, Spain.

Bruce Blackburn, CEO of Merlin Burrows, who speaks to live science, said: 39 Obviously, something brave to say.

Experts claim they found the ruins of Atlantis from the Spanish coast

Ol Everyone will have [one of] two views. One of these is great. Let's take a look at this, & # 39; This is a dump. "

The researchers focused on Spain, which read the two Plato dialogues of Atlantis in Spain.

Mr. Blackburn explained: 39 Atlantis, which is very detailed in Plato's article, is really there for everyone to see. Bay

The findings will appear in a documentary called Atlantica – it is not clear when this will happen.

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Conspiracy theories

However, not everyone was convinced that this was really Atlantis.

Professor Ken Feder, an anthropologist at central Connecticut State University, spoke with Live Science: Prof If they blessed their hearts – it would be great if they did so.

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