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Guillermo in a Tevez harangue – 11/13/2018


Since returning from China, Carlos Tevez has set himself the goal of winning Copa Libertadores. At 34, he is looking for a final blessing that will definitely catapult him as one of the greatest idols of Boca. Carlitos, who looked at most of the games from the outside, decided to replace his teammates with the good level and replace Guillermo Barros Schelotto.

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In the final stage of the cup, there were only 66 minutes in seven games. However, he previously bet Tevez before the River İkiz and allowed him to enter the first leg against the Millionaire in the Bombonera. . You've finally arrived, & Guillermo said, telling Carlitos before he entered. . Win, otur Gustavo said, sitting next to him on an spare bench.

Guevermo's Tevez bloc

Coach motivated Carlitos before entering the River (Video: @FOXSportsArg)

The performance of Apache was acceptable: good and even gave a good pass to Darío Bendetto, who could not pass a good rescue of Franco Armani to 3-2. To return, Tevez enters the eyes of Guillermo and fights for a place in the team before Cristian Pavón's injury.

Armani saved River's life

Boca 2 – River 2 Final (Ida). Copa Libertadores 2018. Video: FOX Sport.

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