Google plan closure Hangouts According to a report published in 2020 9to5googl to cite It shouldn't be a big surprise to think that the product has received the least update in recent years.

Hangouts born as a replacement Google Chat In 2013, he said, Hangouts is an integrated component for videoconferencing, as standard with Google Plus, when the company gives a strong commitment to social media.

The problem is, as usual Google At that time, they tried to simplify the products, making it even more complicated. Hangouts While the company must integrate with other social components, Google Chat She had the perfect gift to live on her own.

The company may stop working with its messaging service completely and RCS ChatIn theory, 2019 will come to the head and want to face two common enemies: WhatsApp (Facebook) and iMessage (Apple).

Hangouts As a part of Google can live in the form of a solution for corporate and business customers G Suite.

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