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Goalscorer for Independiente, who set off classical controversies – 12/02/2018


20 minutes to the second half. Boca won 1-0 with Edwin Cardona's mid-level bombing and less than one person for the deportation of Lisandro Magallán. Then came most controversial movement a party full of objections and controversial decisions by the referee Darío Herrera.

Maximiliano Meza jumped back, on the way back, Esteban Andrada stayed late and waited for the Correntino. Boca wanted to foul the goalkeeper and bought Herrera. He was charged with an existing violation.

There were crosses between Paolo Goltz and Gastón Silva. A few push. And the referees were the referee who tried to calm the chatter with the players, the former referees took the games of the nineties.

It wasn't Herrera's only fault, but it was the most serious. The judge of Neuquén did not object to Emmanuel Gigliotti, he was warned to protest and put a blanket on Julio Buffarini, the second card. And Silvio Romero had not been punished for Magallán.

Both games were in the first half. In addition, Magallán slammed into the forward-facing capital of Gigliotti, who was yellow, with a nod to his head. In the second half, the advocate of xeneize was thrown out to go down. puma behind

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