Monday , December 6 2021

Gianni Infantino in Superfinal: "The only way to move forward is to play in Spain"


FIFA President Gianni InfantinoReferring to definition Libertadores Cup between mouth and river in Santiago Bernabéu, stadium real Madridand approved his decision CONMEBOL: "The only way forward is to play the game in Spain."

"What should be convicted and we all have to learn lessons from these actions, and we need to make sure that this happens before and after and that it will never happen again. ve Infantino, At a surprise press conference in the framework of the G20 summit.

And supported by FIFA, he recalled that it was a common decision to play in Madrid: "Conmebol made decisions, agreed to all sides, approved the decision of FIFA Conmebol Playing in Spain and the game is not the only game in the world that cannot be celebrated. We have a violent problem that we have to eliminate in football. Ine With support for FIFA's transfer of the game to a country outside the continent, Infantino didn't say why he didn't think it was more appropriate to play in another city. CONMEBOL & # 39; s

In addition, he sent a thank you message, but he did not talk to Mauricio Macri, and said that he was not aware of River's will to change space. "Now that I have learned, Conmebol will have to make a decision, you have to play for me all the time. You can't stop the ball in football. We need to see how the conditions are set for playing. "

One of the points mentioned by Italian-Swiss he went to the support of the supporters who went to the Iberian capital to testify. "In the World Cup in Russia, there were more South Americans than sympathizers from the rest of the planet. This is about the passion that football has in this region and I think Conmebol and Royal Spanish Football Federation have a lot of experience to organize transfers."He argued.

He also sent a message to try to calm the spirits about what the long-awaited meeting represented: neyi I think we need to understand some things. It's a football game. Not a war, not a fight, not a fight. We need to learn these lessons".

Because Argentina's intentions continue to run for organizing the 2030 World Cup (with Uruguay and Paraguay), events can complicate the South American project.

"The decision to select the venue for the 2030 World Cup will be taken within four years. Görmek There is a lot of time to work and see what can be done, Çalış he explained. We still have a violent problem that needs to be eliminated in football. You have to see who is responsible for the events of last Saturday and not to repeat them again and again Geçen. Infantino.

Before completing his presentation, the owner of FIFA insisted on the condemnation of the bars that attacked the microformen of Mouth, causing the encounter to be suspended. "You always have to play. The ball cannot be stopped. We need to find solutions that don't need to be suspended. Fools who ruined the party. You have to take them out of football. ", he concluded. Finally, reporters "¡Viva Argentina!" He said goodbye.

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