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Future city: bidets, bathrooms and non-portable bathrooms – 06/12/2018


This Thursday will mark a milestone in construction in the city: the legislature will definitely adopt a new landmark Urban and building codes. The first regulates where, how and with which criteria it should be built. Second, how and with what materials. The regulation has not been renewed since. 1977 and 1943 respectively.

The key points of the changes that will be managed next year include the limit of the height of the towers, and the elimination of the mandatory nature of the housing. responsible, unisex bathrooms and end of the bidet As an indispensable element in every Buenos Aires health clinic.

So, everything built since 2019 will be from the ground floor and from the ground floor of nine floors (nine meters) and have a possible height of less than 12 floors (38 meters). So far we had 27 heights.

In contrast, the permissible heights of the blocks will be equalized to make them more homogeneous. Thus, there will no longer be "dwarf corners" and uncovered median.

The simulated image The apples will be more homogeneous and borders will be created according to the street, street and neighborhood. New city and building codes.

The simulated image The apples will be more homogeneous and borders will be created according to the street, street and neighborhood. New city and building codes.

Today, in the industrial areas of La Boca, Villa Soldati and Villa Lugano, developers can build offices and homes. Many of the deposit sectors and production areas on the Riachuelo border will be affected by this change.

New regulations porteños baths: Now bidets will be optional in houses and can be replaced by toilet in the toilets of the urinals, shops and institutions. The goal is to expand the surface of these environments. also In the main bathrooms the bathtub will no longer be obligatory. Houses built by the old code to create discomfort for people with disabilities.

Small bathrooms are also about reducing. Minimum area allowed 18 square meters. Although the same building may have only half of the houses with these dimensions.

Toilets in universities, hospitals, shopping centers and shops are also changing. In harmony with the diversity of urban identities, The separation of bathrooms by gender will no longer be compulsory.

The new code also includes one of the points of the low-cost official plan. Now this For buildings with less than 15 apartments, housing will be optionalA place where you can replace it with a wardrobe. This measure, which is expected by the Government of Buenos Aires, will reduce the joint costs of the consortium.

A point awaited by mothers in this code Mandatory nature of lactates in all public buildings and initial level educational institutions. It also consists of 20 children under 12 years of age or younger than 12 years of age. And there will be no breastfeeding: it should be located in safe and quiet areas and must have elements of wellbeing and comfort during the extraction and preservation of breast milk during working hours.

Finally, neighbors Online, you can check what is the maximum height allowed in your block.via a new web platform.

Both codes were elaborated after more than a year of discussion with the relevant sectors. After initial approval compulsory public hearingsHundreds of people have joined.

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