Tuesday , July 27 2021

Free checks will be made at Dart Rocha Passage for "World Diabetes Day".

Next Monday

On November 14, de World Diabetes Day bel was celebrated and the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires will set up a healthcare trailer for different municipalities and workshops that offer free municipalities and workshops. On Monday at La Plata, Passage will start in front of Dardo Rocha.

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The Ministry of Health will establish a health trailer in some municipalities of the province where they will provide free assistance experts from different health areas for food and cardiovascular diseases over the next two weeks.

Activities to be extended between 9 and 14 hours will be divided into six "stations". Cardiovascular Risk (weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure, blood glucose measurement and foot revision) will be determined in the first one, visual pathology will be determined in the second and renal pathology will be determined in the third.

The fourth station will serve as a consultation area for healthy eating (sensitivity over sugar and sodium content in food) and one in five will be workshops on physical activity: aktivite Insulin and Physical Activity ği and ve Physical Activity and Diabetes tir, professors of the Provincial Directorate of Public Health, Healthy and non-violent environments. Finally, Health Incentive Brochures will be delivered on the topics discussed throughout the day.

The trailer will be located at the following points of the province:

– Monday 12th November: La Plata, Passage Dardo Rocha (6 to 7).
– Tuesday 13: Quilmes in front of San Francisco Solano (844th Street 2100) hospital.
– Wednesday 14: San Isidro, municipality hospital of Boulogne (Rolón street, height 1200).
– Thursday 15: Moreno at Plaza San Martín.
– Tuesday 20: La Matanza, Laferrere Station.
– Wednesday 21: The corner of San Pedro, Calle Casella, Brother Indio.

Similarly, the Non-Contagious Diseases Department will coordinate the inde Promotion, Prevention and Integrative Diabetes Care inde day on Wednesday, November 14, between 8:00 and 3:00 am in the Annex to the Senate of the Province. you will. . The meeting is aimed at health teams and university students and will present important speakers.


Diabetes is one of the most important health problems in the world because of its frequency and its echoes produced on the individual and his family.

Pancreatic malfunctions, which result in low or no production of insulin production, are a disease that occurs when the body cannot use and store glucose correctly (required for cell function). Without proper treatment, diabetes can lead to blindness, lower extremity amputation, renal failure, and heart attacks.

Diabetic Patient Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment Program of the State of Buenos AiresPRODIAB to) to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes, comprehensive, timely and effective to protect the rights of care works. This program provides attention, materials and medicines to the population that is not covered by social services or has no economic capacity to treat.

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