Thursday , August 5 2021

Franja Morada fringe leader mentally handicapped opponents treatment

As always, the student elections of the National University of La Plata are strongly debated by the groupings in the faculties, and most of the time they touch on everything, the point of violence. This time, he was in the corridors of the Law where a leader of the Purple Strip had very bad words.

In particular, about Barbara DrakeFranja Morada & Cambiemos' leader called on "mentally retarded" militants of the Law Students group involved in the center's protests on Wednesday (the first day of elections).

According to the Inter-American Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against the Disabled, discrimination against a person with disability or illness is more common than is generally accepted. It must be eradicated.

Mental disability is a change in human development characterized by significant limitations in both mental functioning and adaptive behavior.

For these reasons, Drake's humiliating discourses were out of the ordinary, discriminating and de-legitimizing all people with different abilities.

In the midst of elections for student representatives, various forms of discrimination should be addressed. However, voting in elections makes everything valuable, and any aggression and disrespect may be more than a well-developed campaign.

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