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found the second "Dyson sphere" star


There are no signs of civilization that can cross the space. Radio. Lasers. Maybe robotic probes. However, a contestant, such a starvation of energy can be a foreign civilization, began to lose the star of the solar panels.

Such a tremendous engineering success would reveal the observable unnatural shadows beyond the galaxy.

Since the idea was introduced in the 1960s, research for r Dyson Spheres; has been silent as it scans the skies to understand the universe.

The first competitor appeared in the analysis of data collected by the Kepler Planet Hunter telescope in 2015. Also, after his discovery, KIC 8462852 named "The Star of Tabby" was acting strange. Irregular and quickly became the Düz pulse Düz.

Now there's another one.

VVV-WIT-07 is an old, pale star. And it doesn't act as it should.

Pulses. And not as long, slowly as the celestial mechanics explain. But quickly.

Dust? Does he swallow a planet's wreck? Is it a shady comet cloud as it passes near orbit? Or an alien?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence to prove.

The problem is that it is difficult to obtain any evidence from such remote objects.


The old, red star, seated between the sun and the galactic core of the Milky Way, was first seen as # flashing ği in 2012. It was part of a study by the VISTA telescope in Chile.

Astronomers wanted to verify their behavior and ignore any technical misbehavior, so they sat on their data.

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After six years they still do not know what can cause their behavior, but they report what they found.

In 2012, VVV-WIT-07 declined steadily over 11 days. Then, for 48 days, almost nearly 80 percent of almost black.

This is significantly more than KIC 8462852 (Star of Tabby), which is observed to be reduced by about 20 percent.

In It must be a million miles wide and very intense to prevent too many starlight, çok said astrophysicist Eric Mamajek of the University of Rochester. Scientific American.

These stars do not fluctuate in brightness. Rhythmic pulses are one of the most important ways for astronomers to detect the presence of planets as they pass through.

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When these beats are not rhythmic and their size is excessive and irregular, questions arise. It is much more difficult to explain such events from the orbital operation of planets, comets and other known celestial things.

It's a mystery.

In this case, it's a mystery that overlaps the predictions of how we can observe alien civilization from a distance. But it is also a mystery because we have not yet fully understood the work of star systems, planets, and comets and rubble clouds surrounding them.


Tabetha Boyajian, a Louisiana State University astronomer who led a group of amateurs to find KIC 8462852 in 2015, is still unsure what the cause of such strange behavior might be.

But now he doesn't feel that the taşıyan alien mega-structure ğ can be considered among the contestants – at least for the star who bears his name.

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Dı New data shows that different colors of light are blocked at different intensities, “he wrote. ”Therefore, as we would expect from a planet or alien mega-structure, whatever is between us and the star is nothing.“

However, the orbital objects of VVV-WIT-07 seem much closer to opacity.

So the aliens?

It's a huge leap.

The mystery is something that can still be explained by interstellar dust clouds. Or maybe some disaster in the solar system.

Only more observation will tell.

And these observations can arise with some extraordinary things: Once upon a time, the star EPIC 204278916 was considered a competitor for the Dyson area. However, a closer examination of the patterns and behavior of light can make sure that astronomers have a pulse from a planet with gigantic rings – 200 times larger than Saturn. Exceptional. But it can be applied.

VISTA astronomers expect another dimming next year. This way, they can send their electronic eyes back to VVV-WIT-07 and capture every hint they have.

No matter what they find, it'il be weird.

It probably won't be an alien.


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