Friday , April 16 2021

For treasures: Treasury Bills' pesos auction and the dollar ends today

According to the program distributed by the Ministry of Finance, the purchase of offers started yesterday at 10 and ends today at 15.

The maximum price of the dollar bills (LETES) will be 975 for each US dollar, equal to the annual nominal rate. 4.75%Letters (LECAP) will be activated on a monthly basis at the nominal rate. 2.85%and both subscriptions can be made as pesos or dollars.

The offer will be made through a competitive and non-competitive segment.

In the competitive section, prices should be expressed as the original value of 1000 (pesos or dollars) with two decimal places.

The bids offered in the non-competitive segment should only include the amount to be subscribed.

LETES will end next year on June 14, the end of LECAP's March 29th, November 21, 2020.

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