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María Eugenia Vidal, the governor of the province of Buenos Aires, assured them that the lists of the ruling party and election calendar candidates would be described after Buenos March. Buenos
Lanmış The most important nomination is that of Mauricio Macri and is already defined. The rest of the candidates and the election calendar is a discussion for next year. Today is not on the agenda of people or mine, "said interviews published by La Nación and Clarín newspapers.
A week later, Vidal made speculation about early elections in the state of Buenos Aires.
He insisted on "re-election" of the Macri, and said that the people of Buenos Aires would fulfill the commitment "to become a presidential candidate next year".
"The people of Buenos Aires know that I have been defending them for years, and I will continue to do it. Also, I will fulfill my commitment with them and not get another governor: they should not be presidential candidates next year," he said.
He also avoided pronouncing the election calendar changes in the state of Buenos Aires.
Için All options are clear and possible, ın she remarked, “it's not time to argue yet,“, the choices are not on the public agenda ”, even for her.
According to Vidal, the election calendar and the strategy of nominations will be solved together with the President, in the field of Change in 2015 with the National Government, and will not have at all seçim at least until March.
"The presidents are defined by the public, not by politics," he said, citing the possible nomination of former president and senator Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and voicing this if he would benefit the government of Buenos Aires. ”Today, there is a community sector that wants Cristina to be a candidate and independent from what everyone thinks. Ğü“ There's a sector that wants Mauricio to run. “
The governor of Buenos Aires said, "There are no support devices or assemblies or meetings that define them. This is society."
Eye I believe that Cambiemos “believed what the Argentines wanted in 2015 and that they still believed that they had corruption, real jobs and real jobs, even without mistakes, successes, and even everything that needed to be done başar. continued. not with posters.
”If there is something clear in these years, there is no one in Cambiemos who decides, and others will applaud Casa Rosada.“
"We all have the capacity to negotiate, to develop differences and to reach agreements."

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