Sunday , October 17 2021

Follow the doubts about the mysterious asteroid Oumuamua after you have not detected radio signals


Researchers at the SETI Institute did not find artificial radio signals on the surface of this alien object, and scientists do not ignore the fact that there is still a foreign nature.

The long-term observations of Asteroid Oumuamua near Earth do not include the presence of any artificial radio wave source or other signals on the surface, but it cannot precisely determine whether this object has an unnatural extraterrestrial origin. . This was the result of the astronomers of the SETI Institute, seeking intelligent life forms in the universe.

The importance of Oumuamua is that it is the first asteroid to be detected. Does not come from the Solar System, and his strange behavior of some scientists of his alien

SETI researchers have announced the use of the Allen Telescope Array (ATA) antenna field in a study to be published in Acta Astronautica next February. Detect artificial radio transmission It comes from Oumuamua. Observations were made from November 23 to December 5, 2017, and from the celestial body & # 39; It consists of. The experts could not detect anything, but experts looked for lower power emissions than those provided by our mobile phones.

In the SETI article, the author Gerry Harp explains: esinde We were looking for a signal that this object contains some of the artifacts that are of artificial origin. . We couldn't find such emissions despite a very comprehensive investigation, eroid the scientist said.

The nature of Oumuamua (the first messenger in Hawaiian) has been mysteriously surrounded by astronomers in the University of Hawaii in October 2017. After taking notice of the changes in the rate of displacement, Astrophysics Harvard-Smithsonian (USA) recently suggested that acetamide may actually be a "probe". deliberately sent to the world "for a foreign civilization."

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