Monday , June 27 2022

Florida Keys Study Indicates Dolphins Working Together To Complete Their Tasks (Video)


MARATHON, Florida Keys – Do bottle-nosed dolphins work together to fulfill and complete tasks?

Çalışma Yes, ıları says a study by marine mammal researchers at the Dolphin Research Center in Florida Keys.

The almost year-round project reveals that dolphins collaborate to accomplish a task together.

Research with a scientist from the University of Western Australia examined pairs of dolphins who swam along the Florida Keys lagoon to reach and print their black underwater buttons. The buttons are connected to an upper surface computer to record actions and time difference when both dolphins press the buttons.

Drc's research director, Dr. Kelly Jaakkola (YAH görmek-ko-lah) said, Kelly We wanted to see if the dolphins could actively cooperate. Kelly Içinde The game was that the dolphins float across the lagoon and press the buttons at the same time yüz especially within a one-second time window. "

In some tests, Jaakkola said that the dolphins were sent together. In others, there was a delay in sending a partner. The other waited, so both of them would press buttons at the same time.

”Dolphins have not been successful in this test, they were incredible,“ he said. Di In the end, the time difference between the button presses was only 370 milliseconds.

Te About a third of a second, Ja Jaakkola added. Lar This kind of sensitivity only shows that they don't cooperate lar then they're super-coordinated to synchronize their behavior. "

When Jaakkola coordinates swimming or nutrition, what is known as bottlenose dolphins in the wild as "behavioral synchronization" can be a general cognitive ability that can be applied to many activities.

The DRC researchers are also investigating whether dolphins use vocal signals or other ways to coordinate actions.

The results of the study were published in the biology research journal of The Royal Society, a UK-based science academy.


Bottlenose dolphins can understand the role of their partners in a collaborative task.

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