Friday , December 3 2021

Flor Peña stopped and Mica Viciconte gave a dislike: "If you never agree …"


Mica Viciconte followed Bailando He didn't try to convince the jury with his flococo.

Timely Flor Peñathe jury ended by explaining their criticism and justified that their score had nothing to do with hostility, but that they had something to do with their dances.

Faced with this warning, Viciconte was not satisfied and finished after the answer: "What am I going to do, put a tape on my face, a bag?".

The jury faced this spicy repetition of the old combate: "Very difficult if you won't accept a refund".

"He doesn't like eleven"Viciconte loved it.

Immediately and in an angry tone, Flor Peña began: "Don't sacrifice yourself, because I have nothing against you, I can swear to you.".

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