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First inflation in November slows down – 02/12/2018


The first inflation figure for November confirms what analysts expect. a significant slowdown in price increase. For IPC On The Bahía Blanca LineThe increase in the index last month was less than half that of the devaluation in September, when the rebound peak was realized. And higher than 2 times of October, it is also high. 30 days before firing 2018, the annual savings already exceeds 40%.

According to the report, The local hike in November was 3.03%More than 6,54% of September, the Southern National University began to pay more than 50,000 monthly fees since the group of teachers of the Southern National University, more than four years ago. 39;

In October, the increase was 5.53% (5.4% compared to INDEC). This reinforced the tendency of inflation to slow down. This phenomenon is observed Even during NovemberIt ended with an increase of less than the first two of last month. Anyways index accumulate 40.68% since the beginning of the year It has reached 44.10% in the last twelve months.

The decline corresponds to the exchange rate stability, but there is also a strong contraction in the economy and consumption, which works as a dam for increases in practice. If you sell too little with these prices, it may be even worse if they go up.

Regarding the November measurement, Eight of nine items increased It is the Bahian index. Other Goods and Services led the increase with 7.15% followed by Food and Beverage (4.43%) and Transport and Communication (4%). The only remaining part was a mild Education with only 0.11%, 1.92% and Medical Care and Health Expenditure (1.89%). 46.6% registered increase, 3.9% loss and the remaining 49.4%.

"Food and beverages remain at high levels Although variation is one point lower than the previous month, it emphasizes IPC On Line in the highest weighting item in the index. and shampoos, all over 50%.

On the other hand, the highest decreases according to the product, round tomato, pumpkin, men's shorts and jeans for women, prices were found more than 25%.

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