Friday , September 24 2021

Finally, they removed the feature that pissed users off the most from WhatsApp.

Whats up it always changes and adjusts its functions to give its users a better in-app experience. Now includes a method to archive incoming messages and arrange them within the app to each one’s tastes and preferences.

The developers of the instant messaging platform, the technicians and even himself Mark ZuckerberListen to g users and one of the most increasing requests lately more control over the organization of messages.

Users want more control over the organization of messages. Source: 24 English Today

Therefore, Whats up launched a function to have more control over archived messages: every time a message arrives in that chat, when a message is received it will no longer be unarchived, i.e. muted forever. This is a good way not to read spam and at the same time not block the person in question.

They spent three months developing this functionality from the app, which is very easy to activate. You must enter the “Settings” menu, go to “Chats” and activate the function. “Archive chats”. Once done, it will stay like that forever and you must do the same step to disable it.


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