Friday , October 22 2021

Filtered Ashen's trailer and will soon go on sale.


Filtered Ashen's train and seems to release soon.In a gesture similar to a strategy rather than a real leak, Xbox has launched the launch video for ash, console for special game mICROSOFTI believe it's one of the few we'll see in a few hours. Game Awards.

Production house aurora4 to In the game (A44 for children), we saw a little game in the game took time to develop an RPG action game. E3 2017 We have officially known since 2015. Looks like they put the video on the channel. Xbox remove it immediately, but before you are seen by those who wonder YouTube. Witnesses say the video is closed with the legend of the present state. ash Actually, it's too soon.

Given these rumors, this is not surprising. ash will be one of the games to be announced during Game Awards; virtual store Xbox Apparently, by mistake, this game is expected to go on sale from tomorrow. Another piece of information leaked in the store Xbox is this ash It will weigh 6.61 GB, a very sensitive detail to be a simple bug.

Sources: DualShockers and Gamerheadquarters

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