Friday , December 3 2021

FIFA chairman Gianni Infantino: "I realized that I did not understand that I was an aggressor in Argentina and I was wrong."


Gianni Infantino Argentina has no chance. The FIFA president came four times in less than two years and still could not watch a local football match. Over the past weekend, Monumental flew across Europe to Monumental on the frustrated end of the Libertadores River and Boca, and landed on Buenos Aires again on Thursday for the G-20. Although she has roots in passionate Italy, she still doesn't understand the tension in the country.

"I've noticed a lot of aggression, people should be calmsaid during the interview with " Infoba to Rio de la Plata is on a private plane to go to Montevideo before leaving on a Saturday afternoon in a downtown hotel. "When I see the images of the child with cartridges … Uffff, how can you do something like that?"

– You describe the frustrated end of Libertadores as a Arjantin complete disaster ", but many Argentina think you are the one who orders to play yes or yes.

– No, no … The president of the FIFA cannot make or decide in this sense, because this is a decision by Conmebol. But of course, FIFA president was there at Monumental. I also have some experience in the organization of competitions unda I do not know how many champions in Europe and many European Championships (NdR: Infantino, as the general secretary of UEFA) before heading to FIFA. And if I can help, I can help and support. I think you always have to play as much as possible. The first decision that decided to play with the information at the time was the right decision.

– Alejandro Domínguez, president of Conmebol. Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D 'Onofrio. And he looked good to you?

– Yeah, because it's always better to play. There are 60,000 people in the stadium, an entire country and people all over the world are waiting for the game. And the four idiots who throw stones must not stop all this.

– More than four idiots …

– Yeah, four, 40, 400 or 4,000. Still idiots. They can't stop anything. If you can play, we'il try to play. I think it was the right attitude for all of us there. When it was no longer possible, it was postponed because there were no really good players. And when it's not possible, relax, calm down, reduce the temperature.

– How do you see things today?

– A week later, I noticed an aggression I couldn't understand. This makes me a little sick I'm back in Argentina. We're not all fans, we're going to the stadium to support our team, we're all warming up, and we're saying things in life that we can't say in another situation. But strongly, no.

– You see too much aggression?

– I see a lot of aggression. People have to calm down. There are children, there are girls, we need to adjust the sample. When I see these images of the child with firecrackers … Uffff. When you have children and I have four, how can you do something like that? And that's what I want to tell the Argentina. Stop it, it's just a game. Very important, yes, who will win the next 100 years will make fun of the other and who will lose, will have to endure it. But this is a football game, not a war. I told President Macri and Minister Bullrich that we were available. We have experience and it is not the only Argentinean problem.

– But he's particularly serious here.

– I saw a derby in Zurich three or four years ago. Switzerland & # 39; as well! The main thing, here is a pre and post, to lower the temperature to think, see that it is very serious and altered.

– Dominguez said that Libertadores' Real Soccer and Champions PlayStation Soccer. Do you join?

– He told me! And I came to see real football and I didn't see the game … I don't know if it would have been better to see a PlayStation that afternoon. But before the game, I want to say something when they start singing, it's great. Impressive. It was an environment … And I've been in many stadiums, I don't come from Luxembourg.

– There are people in the country who believe that Argentina / Uruguay / Paraguay 2030 has a serious impact on its candidacy and that it adds power to Portugal, Spain and Morocco.

– I think it's a little early. The 2030 decision will be taken in four or five years, enough time to show that something has happened, yes, but also "see what we do!"

– But it's identified with Argentina's candidacy …

– Of course, in some people's thinking, because everyone in this world is spoken. But there's still time to change things.

– Is President Macri angry because the game is played in Europe?

– He didn't tell me that. I think all those who want to play in Buenos Aires are angry. It's an extraordinary situation, but I don't have all the elements, Conmebol have them. The important thing is to continue and make this game a symbol of change and rebirth.

– How did you see Angelici and D & # 39; Was she attending, calm or distant?

– I'm sorry for what happened, but I'm very respectful of them. Then I don't know what happened, but then I was surprised, I thought one of them would be more angry. They were two gentlemen.

– You left input and Monumental under insults, screams and spits (Infantino nods). What did you feel

– I thought I wouldn't watch the PlayStation game while walking … (laughs).

– D & # 39; Onofrio does not want to go to Madrid, what do you recommend?

– I don't recommend anything to the president of the river or Boca, but I tell them that parties should always play in court, but always.

– Where. It's always better. Because if you're not playing, it's a disaster.

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