Saturday , December 4 2021

Fierce thefts a few meters from Clerc's Quinta de Olivos: They beat him, tied him up and looked for him.


G20 in the middle of security measures empowered by former tennis player José Luis Clerc experienced a violent robbery at his home in Olivos, just a few meters from the Presidency Quinta.

The incident occurred on Friday night when "Batata" was approached by three armed criminals. already inside the housePreparing to join a friend.

Former champion of the 70's and 80's He was beaten and tied up by the thieves. Who took a lot of money, jewelry, family memories and cell phone?

Police try to determine whether there are survivors. There was a copy of the key because the windows and doors were not broken. In addition, they sent security cameras in the area to provide more elements to clarify the case to examine.

It is not the first time that these features of Clerc have been stolen. The latter took place on August 31, 2007, when he lived in his country, Santa Clara.They entered their homes from San Fernando, where the criminals escaped the security check, and took the goods and jewelry. On this occasion, extenista was not at home because he traveled to the United States, where he covered Tennis Open as a commentator for a sports channel.

Suspects arrested two months later Tigre subDDI operations in Los Polvorines and Garín towns Captured some stolen medallions by which Clerc offered an award Because they had a great emotional value for him.

Martín Gómez, director of the Vicente López Procuratorate, gets involved in the case at Olivos' house.

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