Saturday , December 4 2021

Fede Bal stated that he used Tinder: 39 You can come to my house, my daughter, you are not afraid, you will steal me T & # 39;


The actor said PH We Can Speak How can you make concrete with the dating practice in iniz sin city “?

Fede Bal appeared in PH. We can talk about his experience with Tinder in Las Vegas

in PH We Can Speak speech has turned into new technologies to meet people and Fede Bal He told me how to use it outside the country. tinder and gained victory in their experience.

Iniz Mar del Plata was fine and I was living there, says you're Fede on TV? Well, you're not afraid to steal me, you can come to my house. & # 39; I bought myself a drink, I went, and I was being treated pretty. We love you, I love you. "

Istem I didn't use Tinder here because there were all portals in two minutes, “he didn't want to say when everything happened. "I'm with my ex-daughter in Las Vegas and I love you, old lady, but it's hard to live with my mother. I woke up at 9am in the morning and talked a lot, and I'm under the tinder." I tried it once, "he began.

"I found a girl, very pleasant, she spoke to me and was three blocks away in a dwelling. She told me that she was from Mar del Plata and that she lived there," told me how "she was managed.Matcher"." You're Fede, who's one on TV? You can come to my house, I'm not afraid to steal me. I bought myself a drink, I went and was treated by a beautiful woman. We love each other, we crush. Fedde Le Grand We love each other in the darkness of Mandalay and that night. Andy Kusnetzoff and the guests at the table jokes about his good luck.

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