Sunday , March 7 2021

ex-wife after being imprisoned for trying to kill

When she was released from prison, after she was imprisoned for wanting to kill her ex-wife, what she did was kill her in the street by stabbing her and killing her. Femicio occurred in Misiones.

Cecilia Krojosk, 34 years old. Today he was killed by his ex-husband after being stabbed in an alley in the missionary town of Aristóbulo del Valle. This this killedHe was liberated 21 days ago. According to police sources, he was sentenced to three years in prison for attempting murder.

The murder took place in the last hours on Mariano Moreno Street, a few meters from the center of the people and in the municipality of Aristóbulo del Valle, about 140 kilometers from Posadas.

Police sources said local police station members received a phone call to find a body on public roads. When they arrived in the area, the agents lay Cecilia Krojoski on the sidewalk. He was already dead and he had a knife.

According to witnesses, the woman was attacked by her former partner, Miguel F., a man named 34. killed He stabbed her and fled.

Subsequently, after an intense operation by troops from the 1 Police Station and the XI Regional Unit Command, the accused were arrested in close cooperation with the Investigation Department, near the National Route 14.

Sources of investigation, however, said there was no trial record of "rapprochement" between men and women, according to the advice of the local Family Court.

The woman is detained in custody and is testified in the court of the day within a few days.

Murder and suicide? They found the body of a police officer and his boyfriend.

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