Saturday , April 17 2021

Donald Trump, angry with General Motors: "We saved them and thanked us"

Preparing his visit to Argentina for the G20 summit, President of the United StatesDonald Trump announced his anger against General Motors on Twitter because he announced the closure of four factories in the United States. and cut thousands of employees

"I was very disappointed General Motors and CEO's to close facilities in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland with Mary Barra. They had not closed anything in Mexico or China. The United States saved GM & # 39; This is the RECOMMENDATION we take"Trump tweeted.

The rescue he claimed was 2009 when the Detroit giant proclaimed himself. bankruptcy and the US government, followed by Barack Obama at the helm finance a millionaire recovery.

"We are working Cut all subsidies for GMIncluding electric cars. When General Motors built plants in China (and Mexico) many years ago, I bet the bet wasn't worth it. I'm here to protect American workers!"The President continued to be furious in his preferred social network.

According to CNN, after Trump's statement, the car manufacturer They fell to 3.8%.

Measures announced by GM in 2019 will stop producing six models and the dismissal of 15% of the workers. They plan total savings with this restructuring. $ 6000 million.

Industrial centers next year close the doors They are Oshawa (Canada), Lordstow (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), White Marsh (Maryland) and Warren (Michigan). Found the last four United States of America

in Argentina General Motors produces the Chevrolet Cruze in Santa Fe, which is only one of six models discontinued in the United States.

Resources provided by the company in the country TN Cars The situation in USA does not change plans Neither the sedan nor the hatchback version of the Cruze production nor the $ 500 million investment Making a new model in 2020.

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