Wednesday , April 14 2021

Doha takes power to host the final between River and Boca

First thing that seems to be the idea of ​​hair, is becoming increasingly real. Qatar's capital, Doha, will put the money needed by Conmebol, the Nehir supporters who bought their tickets, the money they can get back, and the money they can pay for the trips to the other parts of the world from Buenos Aires.

The main house of South American football was waiting for the decision of the Discipline Unit, which demanded Boca's not to make a rematch and demanded the cup to win the win, and could declare Doha as the seat of the match. .

The other option is to play in Asunción but will be behind closed doors if it is played in the capital of Paraguay due to its proximity to Buenos Aires. They were the possibilities of Medellín, Lima, Santiago and Montevideo.

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