Saturday , May 8 2021

Doctors Association refused to celebrate without medical students’ protocols – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

The Santa Fe Branch of the Argentine Republic’s Doctors’ Association (AMRA) has issued a statement in which students of the UNR Medical Sciences Faculty express their “deep pain” in images celebrating the traditional “Bajada” on the beaches. “La Florida” spa.

“We know that this celebration is a classic of students who finished their diploma after so many years, now it does it this way (together, hugging, from any distance or without a chin strap) in this context it’s a crime for the whole community to take care of yourself every day and prevent the second wave from affecting us as little as possible Do these young people know that in the not too distant future they will have to practice the profession and will swear Hippocrates with the responsibility that this implies? How will you tell your patients to keep their distance and wash their mouth, nose and chin covers frequently at the time of the pandemic? ” They said.

From Amra, they felt that the Faculty “must adhere tightly to protocols, with a strong decline in line with both students and the general public. “This unfortunate act should be punished by the authorities, but above all, what should be very clear is that our profession, and especially the profession of all healthcare professionals over the past year, is far from these disgusting images.” Additional.

And they highlighted the efforts of healthcare professionals during the pandemic: “Work 24/7 piecemeal, put yourself at first risk to save your own life in many cases, devote most and all to professionalism many times without adequate biosecurity conditions. It cannot be the true Hippocratic Oath that we are taught and instilled in helping people live life in the best possible way, when we decide to devote to health with the goal.

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