Friday , January 22 2021

Diego Maradona’s four sisters want to investigate the star’s death

Diego Maradona’s four sisters, represented by Matías Morla, in a letter submitted this Monday, asked Justice to be considered “those affected” by the former footballer’s death.

The presentation was delivered by Claudia Nora, Ana Estela, María Rosa and Rita Mabel Maradona, as well as other legal representatives Morla and Yamil Castro Bianchi.

As you know ClarionThe sisters of Maradona will put a doctor next door to assess whether those in the care of Maradona are responsible for the home in the private San Andrés neighborhood in Tigre, where the star died, on Wednesday (November 25th).

Summary presented by Diego Maradona's four sisters.

Summary presented by Diego Maradona’s four sisters.

In this context, Morla publicly supported the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, who treated Maradona for the last time and was investigated by Justice.

“I understand and share the prosecution work, but only I know, Dr. Luque, what Diego did for his health, how he took care of him, how he accompanied him and how he loved you. Diego loved you and as his friend I will not leave you alone. Blood, sweat. and you let go of tears and truth always triumphs, ”the lawyer wrote on his Twitter account.

“Don Diego” Maradona and Dalma Salvadora Franco, “Doña Tota” had eight children (five girls and three boys). “Chitoro” passed away in 2015, four years after his wife.

The oldest is Ana Maradona, mother of former footballer Daniel López Maradona and grandmother of Hernán López Muñoz, who debuted on River Plate in 2019.

Rita “Kity” Maradona lost her husband this year. Raúl “Colo” Machuca (77) because of coronavirus photo. “Kitty, little sister, I’m so sorry for the departure of your lifelong friend Colo. I’m so sorry for you, Sandra and Christian”, she wrote on her Instagram account in DT of Gimnasia y Esgrima La. Silver.

Diego’s other sisters are Elsa (known as “Lili”), María Rosa (“Mary”) and the youngest of the family Claudia (“Cali”).

The boys are also former footballers Raúl Alfredo (“Lalo”) and Hugo Hernán (“Turco”) who live in Naples.

The day after Diego’s death, Morla wrote on his social networks that he would want to investigate what happened “until the end of the results”.

“Today is a day full of deep pain, sorrow and thoughts. I feel in my heart the departure of my friend, whom I honored with my loyalty and support until the last days.” Said.

Maradona and Morla together months ago.

Maradona and Morla together months ago.

He also considered his friend “inexplicable” that “for 12 hours” there was no interest or control of the healthcare professionals dedicated to these purposes.

He also complained that “it took more than half an hour for the ambulance to get to Maradona’s home”, calling it “guilty stupidity”.

“This fact should not be ignored and I will ask for its consequences to be investigated to the end. As Diego told me: ‘You are my soldier, act without mercy,’ he said.

Maradona, 60, died at noon Wednesday of a heart decompensation while sleeping in a house in the San Andrés neighborhood of Tigre, on the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires.

Diego Armando was transferred there on November 11, after being operated on for a brain surface hematoma at the Olivos Clinic.


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