Friday , December 3 2021

Diario Uno – Fortnite registered 200 million users


Epic Games maintains its line: the goose that lays its gold eggs, Fortnite, has reached the spectacular figure of 200 million players compared to digital media published in a recent article.

These figures represent 60% more registered users compared to June when the most recent data was published. To continue these comparisons, in January, there were currently only one quarter of users who entered Fortnite (40 million).

The huge increase in this game in recent months and 2018 in general can be attributed to a number of factors. For example, the expansion of the game towards South Korea, being successful on all platforms or PUBG, is free as compared to other battle royals as its major rival. It also helped to play the great celebrities and well-known content by the creators.

However, everything is not pink for players. It is estimated that 60% of video game addicts went to Fort Night in their rescue farms.

Epic Games continues to invest a lot of money both in the game itself and in competitive mode. 2019 is marked in red for the company, as it will distribute more than $ 100 million in various tournaments.

This weekend is the Winter Royale, an event that will include millions of dollars of award winning players from Europe and North America, which passed the previous qualification in the previous year.

In October, Epic Games raised $ 1250 million from an investment group covering KKR & Co., Vulcan Capital and Kleiner Perkins in an agreement that valued the company with close to $ 15 billion.

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