Saturday , December 4 2021

Dembelé made a game from another time and went crazy with his pointer – 12/02/2018


You can talk about their ups and downs and the inadequacy of their ability to adapt to a major world football like Barcelona. But what you'll never forget when thinking about Ousmane Dembelé is his extraordinary ability. This Sunday, a game in Camp Nou has served to show in all its glory.

The French took the ball to the right side of the field before Villarreal, the Pedraza brand. He was carrying the bottom line and had the intention of winning, but the defender fought with everything. So he repeatedly threatened to abandon him before the escape of Camp Nou and to survive.

Like the old Garrincha videos of the 1958 and 1962 World Cups, it was like a game from other times. In these images, the immortal Brazilian wing played football in a very different rhythm than its competitors. More than half a century later, and with a lot more time, Dembelé saved this spirit.

Although the action did not serve to break the zero in the game, where Barcelona had a chance to improve the tip of the Spanish League, many paid them a good portion of the ticket. And for what they saw on television, it was a pleasure for the eyes.

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