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De Felippe – 11/25/2018


He's not leaving anymore. Newell has again suffered a new defeat against Aldosivi, and the team's crisis has risen to the maximum level since it remains uncooperative. Furthermore, DT expressed his desire to lead the campus and was sad when he contacted Columbus. Omar De Felippe presented his resignation.

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Şekil I respect the people I represent today and I will continue to do so in the best way. We are not satisfied with the results, but I am very happy with my laburo açHe was insured last week. But against the shark 0-2 He lost his back and stepped aside. The truth is that after the classic hard loss against the Argentine Cup, Lepra did not win again and 15 people were not celebrated as a visitor.

Omar De Felippe

"I talked to the players and the leaders, and I resigned, I thank everyone, but I'm very sad and in pain, just like when we took our team and changed the weather.", he assured. And then, he added: "I made my decision when I saw the team in the first half. You can't go to 20 players, I gotta go. I don't want to hurt the club. "

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In this way, De Felippe, who replaced Llop in February of this year, In the current Super League, he inflated the following list of technicians who left their jobs: Ezequiel Carboni (Lanús and Argentinos), Lucas Bernardi (Belgrano), Alfredo Berti (Argentinian Juniors), Gastón Coyette (San Martin de Tucuman), Rubén Forestello (San Martín de San Juan), Juan Pablo Pumpido (Board of Trustees), Cristian Ledesma (Tigre), Pampa Biaggio (San Lorenzo) and Eduardo Domínguez (Colón).

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