Saturday , July 2 2022

Dance 2018: Severe transition between Lourdes Sánchez and Sol Pérez for a dressing room


Lourdes Sánchez and Sol Pérez always Dancing for a dream Grab the opportunity to remember that you can't see. There is always a reason to serve as an excuse to argue. Last night, the trigger was some favoritism that Lourdes would have in designing the dressing rooms.

Sol said that he must share the dressing room with eight people, while Lourdes said that he and his dancer had occupied it. The dancer rejected Sol's version and announced that he had to share it with BAR members.

Anyway, that was just the beginning. The left, while organizing the dancing order of the couples, also criticized the preferential treatment against Lourdes: "He is a dancer and the last dancer, very rare. The interpretation of the Sol is among those who say bir We are killing all of us who are not a dancer bir with the dance participants.

In order to distance him from the accusation, Lourdes reminded him that he wanted to change the presentation day because the Left had not learned the choreography to date. This was a slap that recalled that the participant had lost his rehearsal days because of his resignation.

It was busier than the round trip. Lourdes, which was more comfortable after a dance, covered her ears during Sol's speech, the participant did not allow her to pass and did not return before she fired: olan I don't know why you did this. Don't you hear the whistle you have? "This comment was too much for Marcelo Tinelli. Ironically, Lourdes added:" I love my voice, caught many children ".

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