Friday , December 3 2021

Cross the powerful tweeter between Yanina Latorre and Sofi Morandi – 01/12/2018


Sofi Morandi (21) is considered to be one of the most important factors, who are new to the, Dance for a Dream yarış competition but are already heavy on social networks. He is a super active on Instagram & Twitter and has a strong presence with Yanina Latorre (49), a panelist on ñ Los Angeles de la Mañana Inst on this platform.

The conflict started, as Sofi says: "I prefer to cut two breasts before I change my last name and put it on my husband." Using her husband's last name, former football player Diego Latorre, Yanina replied, "Is that you're talking about me? How much does feminism produce violence?"

Confused, Morandi replied: "Watafaaaakkk, I gave the name its name? I'm lost." Yanina, who has a very sharp language, didn't want to answer: "I'm one of those who use your husband's name! do you use? ".

The transition came, because the young fencer decided not to extend the discussion and left Latorre the last word.

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