Thursday , September 29 2022

CRA warns about increase in diesel price


The new increase in diesel price of 7% means a close to $ 4 billion for 2018-2019 new agricultural campaign. According to the Confederaciones Rurales Argentinas (CRA).

Being stressed Bir The one that increases the comparison per year and makes special weight in costs and in the manufacturer's pocket “.

"The measure of the deregulation of the fuel market is adding successive increases in this basic agricultural production input, which is held and supported by everyone," a statement said.

He thought about it "With the new increase in diesel prices, this year's increase is close to 70% and at an annual benchmark of 102%."

CRA, "This campaign is close to $ 4,000 million."

In addition, although the Government's expectations for this issue have been described as şu oil with a slightly lower value than the current value for next year, ”the fact is that the price of the pump has continued to increase due to earlier deferred increases and price increases. we still need to adjust a higher percentage ".

The increase in diesel value not only affects agricultural activities but also affects the development of regional economies and animal husbandry.

46% of the total amount of a diesel invoice is the tax burden: taxable concepts, VAT, gross income, Decisions, among others, the CRA has ended.

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