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Couple Eliminated from "Dance 2018" – 11/07/2018


"InDancing 2018"Of course"showmatch"(El Trece) Free Rhythm has finished his tour and was a couple of days out of the contest, with Sentence, Duel and Elimination. Marcelo Tinelli the jury explained the secret ballot of the members, in his speech to the participants, he spent some of everything.

Free Rhythm Flor Marcasoli and Lucas Velasco. He tried a funny preview, but he didn't. Cristina tried to imitate Kirchner, but she didn't show much and ended up accepting that there was an Crist attempt Crist.

after, Marcelo Tinelli all couples called the center of the court and announced secret votes Laurita Fernández.

The convicted couples were Natalie Weber and Iván Anriquez, Inés Stork Laurita Fernández– Facundo Arrigoni, Damián García and Sol Pérez. Three repeated their choreography in the case of Duel. In Natalie Weber's case, she was replaced by Mariela La Chipi Anchipi for being disabled.

The jury saved Sol Pérez and Damián García. In this way, couples in which Inés Stork integrated with Facundo Arrigoni and Natalie Weber and Iván Anríquez were voted in public.

People decided to leave the race for 50.19% for 80 thousand games. Natalie Weber. In this context, the excitement and gratitude of the experience in all these galas, Inés Stork "Dance 2018" said goodbye.

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