Saturday , October 23 2021

Córdoba prepares a new star shower – Cba24n


In early December, as in every year, you will be able to appreciate the meteor shower called the Geminids.

Its origin is a strange object called Phaethon. According to astronomers, it is a rocky comet, an asteroid that comes very close to the Sun; It was so close that the solar heat burned the dusty debris that covered its surface.

The name comes from the fact that the bright light, which has a place in the sky where the meteorites came from, occurred just above the constellation Gemini. All the meteors we see will come from that point, their orbits will start from here.

Geminids look better in the northern hemisphere. It can be seen in the south, but with less intensity.

The rain will continue from Friday 7 December until Monday, December 17, and the maximum event will be available from Thursday (December 13th to December 14th).

The ratio of this rain is dark sky and the maximum in the Northern Hemisphere is up to 120 meteors per hour. Can be seen in most of the night. They are highlighted with meteors of various colors and low speeds (35 kilometers per second).

No optical instrument (nor telescope, or binoculars) is required to observe our observations because our eyes better perceive the meteorites with peripheral vision. Therefore, in addition to the meteors passing all the sky, it is not necessary to look directly at the radii.

Source: Cordoba Astronomy Observatory

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