Wednesday , December 1 2021

Controversial actor El Marginal – joined – Diario de Mendoza, Argentina


Everything is ready for the third season of Argentine Public Television's successful series El Marginal, which is part of the Netflix international platform.

According to Crónica, the new annex of the edition of Sebastián Ortega and Pablo Cullel, Lorenzo "Toto, who insulted Mauricio Macri with a ceremony weeks ago and will now be part of the series produced by the Underground and Federal Media System. "Ferro. and Public Content.

In addition to the player who played Carlos Robledo Puch in El Ángel, Gerardo Romano (Antín), Claudio Rissi (Mario Borges), Nicolás Furtado (Diosito Borges) and Martina Gusmán (Emma) were confirmed to return.

Many followers of the series, Juan Minujín (Pastor), are waiting for the return. This allows the third season to be narrative after the first events, but still does not confirm the current hero's participation in the 100 days of love. What will they have to expect, and Eduardo Feinmann does not see this third chapter because of Ferro's participation.

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