Friday , August 12 2022

Conmebol will make a summit to define the future of Superfinal


Copa Libertadores puts Conmebol in the eye of the storm, suspending the first leg match of the Superfinal. After declaring that the duel between Boca and the River was delayed until 16:00 tomorrow, the confederation took the doubt that heavy rains would continue until Tuesday.

So, just before noon on Sunday, they decided to define whether the organizers of South American football were finally played. Neither the executives of Xeneize nor the Millionaire's executives will join the summit. Everything will be solved inside.

News from Conmebol will be raining on Sunday. They still don't know which one is the best option, with the concern that the same thing happened today. In principle, they will meet on Sunday 11 and determine the steps they will follow.

If the summit took place, the Superfinal's first match could be next Saturday of the week if the forecast continued to be bad. Although buried in the middle of a FIFA history (Argentina is playing against Mexico on Friday and Tuesday), neither Boca nor River has called for various national teams.

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