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Ciccone II Example: Ricardo Echegaray and the banker Jorge Brito – 07/12/2018


Four months after Amado Boudou and his associates were convicted for the purchase of the old Ciccone printing and ticketing maneuver, Judge Ariel Lijo Ciccone II investigating the route of money used to finance the operation. Magistrate judged for abuse of authority AFIP Ricardo Echegaray former headHe was accused of covering up financial irregularities and financing the maneuver leading the former vice president to prison. To the former manager of Banco Macro, to Máximo Lanusse and to the former owner of Mint, Jorge Brito, Katya Daura Lijo Required participants for incompatible interviews with public function.

In the first part of the case, in August, in the first part of the trial, which was tried by a former vice-president for 5 years and 10 months, Rafael Resnick Brenner, one of Echegaray 's former advisers in AFP, was sentenced. However, the hearings made it clear that financial maneuvers that would benefit Boudou and his friends could not take place without intervention or at least without the knowledge of the owner of the collection organization.

Judge Lijo said that the former Ciccone has the hands of Nuñez Carmona through Vandenbroele, the owner of the Old Car (the owner of 70% of the old chalks). He was the only company capable of suppressing tickets and was in the hands of the former Vice President of Justice.

The purpose of the operation was "ticketing with the state and official certification". Not only did it print ballots in 2011, but in April 2012, the Cristina government hired Ciccone to print 160 million hundred-pound banknotes at a cost of $ 140m.

In order to understand the maneuver, this file has been launched to investigate the route of the rescue and the implementation of the former Calcográfica. The judge corrected three stages: abolition of bankruptcy; The withdrawal of funds and the management of the signature and the contract of the Old Ciccone by the State.

The reason for this was accelerated after the return with the "repentance" statement of the armed ideology of the companies associated with his former deputy, Alejandro Paul Vandenbroele, one year ago. The judge gave his words to the truth. He analyzed the documents and confirmed the funding circuit that was applied to take over the old termination.

Justice supported the previous negotiations that allowed for an öden illegal agreement Ulusal between Boudou and Núñez Carmona to abolish the bankruptcy, granting a facility plan for the payment of the debt (pressure press) with AFIP and hiring the National State if.

Later, it was noted that Boudou, Núñez Carmona and Vandenbroele intervened in a job related to the restructuring of public debt in Formosa province. This task was carried out by the Old Fund (TOF), then it was used to buy Ciccone, Lijo said.

Lijo, at the stage of purchasing the printing press, am it was not possible to prove that the money from Raúl Moneta actually came from Jorge Brito, but at least it proved to be an intervention. Through the management of Jorge Brito, Pablo Lanusse (former TOF manager) and Francisco Sguera, he seems to be contributing more to a personal nature than his relationship with Amado Boudou. Ür Express the resolution.

The operation had a key connection to AFIP. The former head of AFIP is charged with the alleged illegal assistance, so that Ciccone – already in the hands of the TOF – is able to find an extraordinary moratorium on paying the millionaire debts to the State. The magistrate said Echegaray was "responsible" for two days for two days, changing his office to understand the AFIP for the abolition of Ciccone Calcográfica.

The authority of the Federal Authority to give the conditional or unconditional consent is not discussed. or without the need for details ".

Jorge Enrique Capirone was processed as part of the maneuver; Sergio Martínez; Katya Daura; Francisco Sguera; As a participant in the crime of incompatible negotiations.

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